Why Choose mobile apps for your Business? Top Reasons Why you need it.adminApril 11, 2022

Why Choose mobile apps for your Business? Top Reasons Why you need it.

According to the reports by Google, 2015 marks the year that web searches are done on mobile devices have surpassed desktop searches in 10 countries!. Mobile users have grown rapidly that it the leading platform for media consumption. According to Comscore, 62% of total digital media activity is from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones combined) whereas, 54% of that activity is from apps alone. On April 21, 2015, Google started indexing mobile apps, which allows them to rank in search engine results. How does this help your business?

Why Choose mobile apps for your Business? What are the benefits of having an app for your business?

More and more businesses are creating mobile apps for their business to connect with more consumers, drive more traffic, generate business leads and increase sales as mobile marketing continues to grow. Having an app for your business takes your marketing to the next new level.

Today’s technology has given us the entire world at our fingertips! giving businesses a huge marketing advantage. Below are a few benefits of mobile apps for your business and your users: 

  1. Reinforces your brand
  2. Increases your visibility and accessibility on mobile devices
  3. Builds relationships and loyalty with your customers
  4. Generates repeat business with app tools like coupons and loyalty cards
  5. Enhances social networking strategies
  6. Connects you with “on-the-go” consumers
  7. Increases sales with push notifications
  8. Your products/services are easily accessible to your customers 24×7
  9. One-touch access to your contact information
  10. Provide directions to your location anywhere your customers are
  11. Fast appointment setting for your customers
  12. An app is more easily accessible and loads faster than a website
  13. Increase customer engagement and provide value
  14. Customers have easy access to your social media posts
  15. Stand out from your competition

Why a Mobile App is Better Than a Website

Apps load and operate much faster taking only a second to launch when compared to websites which can take significantly longer when the mobile user has bad network strength. Mobile apps 

  • Can give you almost instant access to the content you need, websites don’t
  • Appear in app stores, which can utilize google’s play store indexing feature
  • Keep your business in direct contact with your customers through push notifications, websites don’t
  • are visible on the home screen of your mobile device, websites are not always visible

The Apple App Store has over 100 billion downloads a year, which’s almost 274 million downloads per day. Statistics from the Wall Street Journal show that in Q1 of 2015, Google Play Store had 70% more app downloads than the Apple Store. The more users that download your app, the more people you can reach to offer sales, product promotion, events, launches, etc. Mobile apps Choosing an app can create a foundation for the future of your business and helps make more money!

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