Which App is Best for Your Business ? Android or iOS ?adminApril 11, 2022

Which App is Best for Your Business ? Android or iOS ?

Android Development:

Android apps are usually developed in Java for creaing new applications for the Android OS. Android apps have developed in such a way that now customers use them for their household and business purposes in their day to day life. Android began in 2003 as a project of the American technology company Android Inc., to develop an operating system for digital cameras. In 2004 the project changed to become an operating system for smartphones. Android Inc., was bought by the American search engine company Google Inc., in 2005.pment Kit. Since 2010 the Android have become the leading smart-phone platform for the users in comparison to IOS.


  • Open System – Android has an open software system when compared to ios. This gives developers more freedom and opportunities to developer greater things.
  • Design – With android, we can create an excellent user interface  and layout even without much experience with the help of google guidelines in terms of design. 
  • Fragmentation – There are many number of different devices / hardware) that can run with one responsive app
  • Publishing – It takes just a couple of hours to ublish the completed app to the play store so that the users can download and enjoy your app.
  • Cost – Android app development and publishingf is cost effective adn cheap when compared to ios. There are many wasy for development of android app, They are Native apps, webapps, hybrid apps. Learn More.   


  • Testing & Fragmentation – In major cases different screen sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios create a problem which causes issues and doesnt work the way they are supposed to. this creates a problem with testing and causes an time consuming problem. 
  • Costly – Add fragmentation and testing together, and you have higher costs than you have on iOS that has fewer versions and fewer devices that run it

iOS Development:

Apple designed iOS to work specifically on their own Apple devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. Even though Android is dominating the global market, Apple has massive revenue from iOS because it’s prevalent in more developed countries where people spend more money. Developers use the Xcode IDE with the iOS SDK adn Swift which is based on WHICH IS BASED ON  bundled OOP with similarities to C developed by Apple.


  • Profits – The loyalty of Apple users makes them spend more money on apps.  Since most Apple device users come from western, more developed, and rich countries where people earn more money they love and spend more in the appstores .
  • Fragmentation – Most devices use the same version of the iOS, and all of them are made for the iPhone and the iPad. They don’t have to think about thousands of different devices, resolutions, and screen sizes.
  • Simulator The iOS emulator is better for debugging than the Android emulator. Most industry leaders agree on this.
  • Standardized UI Design – Highly detailed UI design guidelines exist, and developers don’t have to think about this thing too much. They can spend more time and effort on the product itself.


  • Expensive – The Xcode IDE can only be used on Macs. This significantly increases initial investment before you even start developing
  • Stringent publishing – Apps that developers create must pass testing that has high standards. Apple and iOS are quite restrictive when an app doesn’t meet the criteria, and many apps get rejected.
  • Customization – Because of the standardization guidelines, many apps lose initial creativity and become “like the rest.” This lack of customization turns away many developers.

Which App is Best for Your Business ?  Android or iOS ?

When we compare the loyalty rates,  Android users in the past three years has been about 89% to 91% and for iOS users, in the past three years has been about 85% to 88%. This is because   most people try out one operating system, learn it, and stick to it for most of their lives. Android users are less likely to spend money in the Play Store, but having access to more people can be a great strategy to place mobile ads. Developers who concentrate more on iOS can expect more app purchases and more in-app purchases and can make a strategy around that.

If you want to customize more, wait less to get your app approved, and reach a wider audience, then the Android platform is the way to go. Users not updating to the latest Android versions forces you to spend more time and money on fragmentation. iOS apps, and the end-users are more likely to spend more money. Data suggest that up to 30% less money is spent on apps developed for iOS. The data of apps created on iOS is also more secure.

Ios is more costly when compared to android, either in development o while submitting app to playstore.

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