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Whatsapp MarketingadminApril 13, 2022

Power Your Business with WhatsApp Marketing

In today’s era, WhatsApp has taken over a maximum portion of our life. Reach your customers with WhatsApp Marketing.

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Why Choose WhatsApp Marketing ?

Through Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, you can stay in touch with your customers wherever they are with just a Click of a Button! .

In today’s era,  WhatsApp has taken over a maximum portion of our life. Whether it’s an iOS or android phone, every smart phone user uses Whatsapp daily.  That is why Whatsapp Marketing has become an effective marketing tool to reach out to your customers. these days.  Messages sent through WhatsApp  tend to catch the clients maximum attention with a minimal effort by reaching the target audience.

WhatsApp Marketing is more efficient than the SMS Marketing in terms of deliverability. An user can miss an SMS but never an WhatsApp Message. in WhatsApp we can also check whether the user has seen the message or not.

Features of our WhatsApp Maketing ToolsScalabilityDeliverability
  • Virtual Sender ID
  • Sending Time :- 10Am to 10 Pm 
  • Can Send 4 images at same time
  • Get Profile pic Feature
  • Get Status features
  •   Sizes: Image Size-2 MB, PDF Size- 5 MB, Audio Size- 5 MB, Video Size- 5 MB
  • And Many More....
Affordable Pricing

₹ 0.14

/ 1 Lac Messages
  • Virtual Sender ID
  • +Features  

₹ 0.12

/ 10 Lac Messages
  • Virtual Sender ID
  • +Features  
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