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Telegram MarketingadminApril 13, 2022

Power Your Business with Telegram Marketing

With over 200 Million monthly users, Telegram is the new way of promoting and marketing for brands.

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Why Choose Telegram Marketing ?

With over 200 Million monthly users, Telegram is a new way of promoting and marketing for brands. Telegram marketing enables swift and efficient way to connect with the clients. Telegram marketing enables equal opportunities for both B2B and B2C brands to deliver their messages to customers via smart, innovative, and sophisticated method.

Telegram marketing facilitates a two-way communication with your consumers. From general enquiries to specific order detail and detailed support, Telegram can manage all of these. It provides a seamless customer experience that increases your brand value. Telegram allows sharing of  various formats such as Text based messages, photos, audio, video, documents, Mp3 and broadcast announcements to your consumers. 


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We provide end-end services ranging from strategy development, content creation, automated workflow for customer support management and promotions. We create tactics that are consumer-centric and aligned to the brand’s business goals. We aim at maximizing your business goals.

Our Strategy for Successful Marketing

  1. Analysis & Review: We conduct an through analysis of your brand, insights of industry, market, competition, and consumer preferences. 
  2. Applying Strategies: Based on the analysis and our experience we create strategies, content that results in increasing  brand interaction.  
  3. User Engagement: With regulars posts and emphasis on keywords etc we focus on garnering followers, views, impressions, reach, likes, shares, and comments for your Telegram channel. We increase the authority of the channel combining both organic growth and paid promotions.  
  4. Monthly Reporting: Based on the analysis and strategies we provide you with insights of your channel on a monthly basis.  The report consists of metrics  like follower base, impressions, reach, clicks, shares, likes, mentions, engagement rate, influencers engagement, website referral traffic, customer satisfaction, leads nurtured, and conversion rates. 
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