How to Optimize a Website – Effective SEO Starts With a SEO AuditadminApril 11, 2022

How to Optimize a Website – Effective SEO Starts With a SEO Audit

If you’re not the one to idle about while your competitors make fortunes out of search engine traffic, you’ve probably made up your mind to push your website to the top of Google by all means. You’re on the make and ready to start, but how to set the ball rolling? How to make your SEO campaign move in the right direction from its very first steps? Throwing yourself into blind optimizing “for the sake of optimizing” is no good. Any successful SEO knows: you have to pre-plan your SEO, identifying its goals and pointing what activities it should involve. Only in this case you’re secure against time-costly mistakes and sure to see the payoffs coming anon.

Website SEO audit

OK, any SEO requires thorough pre-planning. But how can you outline needed changes without knowing the present state of affairs? This is where an website SEO audit comes into play. Simply speaking, SEO audit is the in-depth analysis that paints the overall picture of how your website is doing in terms of SEO right now. Carried out before actual SEO activities start, this under-the-microscope examination lets you set your SEO priorities and develop a step-by-step plan for the whole optimization campaign. Yet an SEO audit is not the thing to run once and forget. During the whole optimization process, checking your website over and over lets you keep the finger on the pulse of your SEO and monitor its progress.

SEO audit involves assessing how friendly your website is to search engine robots, inspecting its technical framework and architecture and figuring out, what fixes and changes will propel the site to first Google’s positions. This all-rounded scrutiny covers:

– Validating the website’s HTML code for any flaws and weak spots
– Checking all pages for loading problems and out-of-order links
– Analyzing the link structure and identifying possible opportunities for its optimization
– Assessing the website’s current user popularity
– Identifying content related problems, etc.

Can an SEO audit be a real no-brainer?

For quite a long time, website SEO audit was something you had to turn to an SEO company for, forking out a tidy penny, as drilling deep into website’s technicalities was not a child’s play for an entry-level website owner. Yet now, with new cutting-edge software appearing, SEO audit becomes easily handled by a person with any level of technical knowledge. Besides, an automated SEO audit is many times more cost-effective, as you can control any changes on your website without paying for SEO companies’ services again and again.

No one takes the road without mapping out a route. The same way, the very first step for you to take when optimizing your website – is routing your SEO with an website SEO audit. That’s what guarantees that your website storms into Google’s top in no time.

The recently released onpage SEO tool runs full health check of your website, giving you plain-English guidance on what is to be fixed and mended for your website to hit the highest search engine positions. And be sure to check out more SEO tools that will help you get more productive at every SEO task.

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